Natalia and Johannes launched Coconuts & Pineapples (Cocopiña) in 2022 with the mission to create beautiful dresses for every day. Combining her love of travel with her life-long dream of starting her own line of comfortable-yet-chic dresses, our designs embody Talia’s wanderlusting spirit. Coconuts & Pineapples was renamed into Cocopiña in 2023.

Why Dresses & Headbands?

With over 100 dresses and boxes of headbands in her own closet, Talia has a penchant for wearing the two items on a daily basis. Johannes didn’t believe she had that many and actually counted—to his surprise, it was true. Take a peek into Talia’s closet. We look forward to offering more of Talia’s favorite items to our site in the future. 

The Story Behind the Garments

Thailand was the first international trip Talia and Johannes took together and it has held a special place in their hearts ever since. Being half-Thai, Johannes has family in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, so the pair often returns to Thailand to visit relatives and celebrate joyous occasions. Not only did they fall in love with the people and the culture, but they also admired the  handmade garments and traditional dyeing techniques. Inspired by the local craftspeople's artisanal handiwork, Talia and Johannes want to continue to support the people and their skills by having their dresses handmade in Thailand.

All Cocopiña products are handmade by talented craftswomen in Thailand using high-quality fabrics that will stand the test of time. With Thailand’s reputation for producing gorgeous textiles and apparel, Talia and Johannes have partnered with local companies there that align with their values and mission. They work closely with their partners to deliver an ethical environment for their employees along with fair, living wages. In addition, they strive to maintain eco-conscious production methods, producing their items in small batches to avoid overproduction and waste.

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Visit the "How we work" blog post to learn more about our team and production process.

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Talia is the creative guru on the team—she does everything from designing the dresses to creating the content for our website and social media. The one thing Talia can’t live without? French fries and chips. Some might say she’s a connoisseur.

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Johannes is here to make sure things run smoothly. He’s in charge of all the behind-the-scenes processes. If things are working, he made it happen. On the other hand, if something doesn’t work, it’s probably his fault.

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