Donation Program

Your purchase matters. We’ve pledged $5 of every sale to support charities for a good cause.

We make sure that your purchase will have a positive impact. We support local, regional, national, and international organizations and will keep you updated on the positive impact you have contributed to.

We are working on extending the program over time to support a broader range of organizations.
If you have any questions about this program, feel free to reach our to us directly.
DM us on Instagram or write us an email.

Animal Welfare & Protection

Help animals in need and those that need protection, alleviate the suffering of animals caused by people, and free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation

    Our Planet & Environment

    We want to help protect this planet we love so much by contributing to organizations that protect the environment and Earth’s essential resources for current and future generations.

    Women’s Rights

    We believe in empowering women, and want to ensure all women have the tools they need in every area of life.

    Child Protection & Sponsorship

    It’s important to us to help children in need—from preventing abusive situations to giving kids and families in low-income families the tools they need to land on their feet.