How we work

Our mission is to provide an equal and positive work environment for all our team members. This not only includes everyone involved in our production process but also contractors and professional service providers we work with. We stand behind having a flexible work environment: Everyone has their own rhythm, routine and daily responsibilities. Working fully remote allows us to be more flexible with our day-to-day lives. 

We wanted to provide the same remote work opportunity to every person that works for us. We believe this is a unique concept—and here’s how we’re making it happen:  

Remote Work 

We’ve supplied our stitchers working remotely with sewing machines, tables and the necessary materials and equipment to work from home. This allows them to have more flexibility in their personal schedules to run errands or take their kids to school. 

We have several people working on-site to make the remote life seamless for everyone else. They help package fabric and items to ship to our stitchers at home.

Fair Pricing & Pay 

We believe our products are priced fairly and reflect the quality of our products. Taking into consideration that handmade garments take longer to produce, we price our garments at a rate that ensures our stitchers are compensated fairly. Proper compensation for our workers is more important to us than our profits.  

One of our core values is to ensure our team members are all paid a fair, livable salary, plus extra depending on the complexity of the garments. We take the complicated nature of handmade garments into consideration, as well. 

Don’t get us wrong, as a company we need to be profitable but the success of a company should not be built on the expense of underpaid and overworked workers. 

We work with experienced processionals to ensure that you'll receive a quality dress you'll love.


Our Production Process

As a very small business we appreciate everyone sharing their love for our dresses. 
We do our best to deliver an excellent customer experience and rely on you to give us feedback. 
Without you we would not have a business and would not have the opportunity to work with so many talented people. 

Please shoot us a message with any feedback or ideas you may have. We’re all ears!

Cocopina production team