15 Best Photo Spots in Las Vegas

Heading to Las Vegas soon and looking for the best spots to take Instagram-worthy photos? The great thing about Las Vegas is that it offers plenty of fun photo opportunities both on the strip and in the surrounding areas. There are the well-known spots where we can’t resist getting a new pic for the grid as well as our best-kept photo op secrets that we’ve discovered during our many trips to Las Vegas.   

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for colorful places, pretty views, art installations, nature or a great dining experience, Las Vegas has it all. We've put together a list of our favorite photo-taking spots, so you’ll know exactly where to go and be ready with plenty of cute outfits whenever you visit Las Vegas! Read on for our top 15 photo spots in Las Vegas.

1. “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign

One of the must –see photo spots is the fun and iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Since it's not very close to other photo spots along the strip, you either need a rental car to get there or take an Uber or Lyft. Since it’s a popular tourist attraction, this spot usually gets pretty crowded. Pro tip: To avoid crowds and get a photo with just you in it, either get there early or shoot from a side angle instead of straight shot. The result is a great photo from your trip—without all the other tourists.

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2. Trevi Fountain

If you can't go to Rome and still want to see the Trevi Fountain, you can find a beautiful replica of it in Las Vegas along the strip. This particular spot usually tends not to be as busy as the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Come anytime during the day and you’ll still be able to get a good photo. The lighting is better in the morning and afternoon though. Pretend you’re in Rome and do the quintessential Trevi coin toss and face the camera while throwing a penny over your left shoulder with your right hand—or just strike a pose or do a twirl.

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3. The Bellagio Conservatory

Without a doubt, the conservatory at the Bellagio Hotel has to be one of the most photographable spots in Las Vegas. The amazing thing is that they change the decorations 4 times a year! That’s why it’s so fun coming back and seeing how they change it for each season! This location is a very popular tourist attraction and the only way to avoid the crowds is to be there super early (but it’s worth it, we promise!)

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4. “New York”

Visiting Las Vegas is kind of like taking a little trip to some of the most photographable spots around the world. We mentioned Italy already, but while you’re here, you might as well also make a quick stop in “New York.” Sure, it may not actually be New York City, but the Statue of Liberty replica is a fun, photo-worthy stop while you’re in Las Vegas. Just on the other side of the New York Hotel on the Las Vegas Boulevard right in front of the Leo the Lion, you’ll find the Statue of Liberty.

5. The Paris Hotel’s Arc de Triomphe

Much easier than hopping on another flight to Paris, France, you’ll find some of Paris’ most notable monuments right here in Las Vegas. Right along the strip is a replica of the iconic Arc de Triomphe. Make sure to not miss out on this photo location and snap a photo there in your best French girl look.

6. Eiffel Tower View from the Bellagio Hotel

Easily one of the best views that you can get of Vegas’ Eiffel Tower is from the Bellagio Hotel. It's even better when the fountain show is running. There are so many fun angles around the fountain, so make sure to walk around it and try out different angles!

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7. Bellagio Fountain Show

Not only is it fun to watch and enjoy the show, but it also makes an amazing Instagram photo. Make sure to take a picture during the day and again at nighttime! There is a show every half hour from 3pm to 8pm and every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the show runs every half hour from noon to 8pm and every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight. Despite the tourists, this can be a romantic spot to get a picture with your significant other, too.

8. High Roller

Did you know that the highest ferris wheel is located in Las Vegas? It also makes it one of the best photo spots there. It's 550-feet tall and tickets cost $25 per person—but it’s completely worth it for the amazing pictures, in our opinion.  Both during the night and day, the views are incredible. It’s also a fun way to get a bird’s-eye view of Las Vegas.

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9. LINQ Promenade

Located super close to the High Roller is the LINQ Promenade! It's fun to stroll along the promenade and wander into the shops but don’t forget to take a photo! If you’re really feeling adventurous for a photo here, sign up in advance to go on the famous zipline over the promenade.

10. The Venetian Bridge

The Venetian Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotel in Las Vegas in our opinion. It’s lovely to see how this hotel makes you feel like you are actually in Venice, Italy. You can even take gondola rides outside and inside the resort. There are so many photo ops around the entire resort, but of course, a picture in a gondola is a must!

11. The Las Vegas Arts District

Find some of the best photo spots at the Las Vegas Arts District. This area doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves. Take a break from the tourist attractions and visit this super colorful area with so much culture.  It’s a neighborhood in Las Vegas and is super fun to stroll around and visit the artist galleries or take in a show. We took some fun photos there at the eye-catching murals!

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12. The Luxor Walkway

Next photo op spot: Egypt. A nice place to take a few pictures is the Luxor walkway where you can see the Pyramid and the Sphinx at the same time.

13. The Neon Museum

If you are interested in art but also want to take some beautiful photos, don’t miss out on the Neon Museum. It features a ton of neon signs from Las Vegas’ history. Before visiting, know that you can’t bring a professional camera, but a phone will do just fine! There are so many fun vintage signs and it’s a great peek into Vegas’ history.

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14. Red Rock Canyon

Take a break from the bustle of the strip and take a car out to Red Rock Canyon. It couldn’t be more different from the casinos and resorts in downtown Las Vegas. There are tons of hiking trails there as well as rock climbing. You can visit the park by yourself or take a fun tour. The Pink Jeep tour is highly recommended. This natural wonder is so picturesque, so be sure to take some pictures with and without you in them.

15. Seven Magic Mountains

Lastly, you need to visit the Seven Magic Mountains when you’re in Vegas. This giant art installation in the desert makes for one of the best photo spots in Vegas. We highly recommend coming at sunrise to get the most beautiful colors. It’s magical and also happens to be the best way to avoid crowds!

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